Booking Through Thursday

Here’s today’s:

Okay . . . picture this (really) worst-case scenario: It’s cold and raining, your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, you’ve just been fired, the pile of unpaid bills is sky-high, your beloved pet has recently died, and you think you’re coming down with a cold. All you want to do (other than hiding under the covers) is to curl up with a good book, something warm and comforting that will make you feel better.

What do you read?
(Any bets on how quickly somebody says the Bible or some other religious text? A good choice, to be sure, but to be honest, I was thinking more along the lines of fiction…. Unless I laid it on a little strong in the string of catastrophes? Maybe I should have just stuck to catching a cold on a rainy day….)

It’s simple.

Two books occured to me immediately: ALICE’s ADVENTURES in WONDERLAND because not a word is wasted, you wouldn’t want to stop even to look out of the window, let alone to feel sorry for yourself. It’s funny, surreal, delightful, diverting, would remind me of my father reading to me and spirit me away from all my troubles.

The other book is AFTER YOU’D GONE, Maggie O’Farrell’s first novel – which, in part, wouldn’t cheer me up, but it is funny at times – and at times I laughed and cried at the same time. It’s such an all-enveloping book that I would have to forget what was happening to me, even if it was, at least partly, because I found myself submerged in another’s difficulties and sadnesses.

Although isn’t that what so often helps? I’m not the only one? My troubles aren’t half as bad as hers? Will she make it? (You see I’ve forgotten about myself already.) By the way, this edition is a bound proof … which I absolutely can’t remember how I got.

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I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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10 Responses to Booking Through Thursday

  1. gautami tripathy says:

    Alice in Wonderland wins hand down. I have not read the other book. I will check it out.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Alice in Wonderful is such a wonderful book! Great answer!

  3. heather (errantdreams) says:

    Interesting; I wouldn’t have thought of Alice. Nifty!

  4. Debi says:

    Can you believe I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland?!! I really must rectify that!

  5. Alice Teh says:

    YES! I have the book (haven’t read it) but I’ve watched the full-length cartoon version. Super cool! 🙂 Happy BTT!

  6. Angela Young says:

    The thing about Alice is that she can take you anywhere.

    Thanks so much for your comments.

  7. Melody says:

    Alice seems to be a popular choice. I’ve that book in my pile but just haven’t get around to reading it.

  8. Callista says:

    I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland. My BTT is up.

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    I love Alice, but the book I think I’d read is ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott, or perhaps something by Roald Dahl. Dahl is funny and simply magical, and ‘Little Women’ is a familiar and much loved text. Alternatively watching the film (the Winona Ryder version) is bound to cheer me up- which I actually did when I was quite upset the other day! Worked a treat 🙂

  10. Angela Young says:

    Little Women is wonderful, I so agree. (I’ve got three sisters and my mother often thought of us as her little women … especially because I was alaays talking about writing.) And Winona Ryder was fabulous in the film. Despite its sadnesses it’s a story full of hope. I’m not surprised it cheered you up.