Free eBook : SPEAKING of LOVE : Friday 15 & Saturday 16 November

On Friday 15 November and Saturday 16 November the kindle edition of SPEAKING of LOVE will be available free. Go here for the UK and here for the US to download your free copy. And if you felt inspired, after you’ve read it, I’d love it if you wrote a review on either or both amazon sites, or on its goodreads page here. Thank you, and I do hope you’ll think it’s a good read.

Here, in case you’d like it, is a brief synopsis:

SPEAKING of LOVE is a novel about the effects of not talking about the things that matter the most. About how parents fail their children and those same children abandon their parents because what matters most hasn’t been said; about how lovers grow apart and how the mental disintegration that can succeed a failure to communicate can prohibit communication altogether. But just before you decide it’s too gloomy for words … it’s also a novel about hope and the restoration of trust, a novel that shows how stories can help make sense of our complicated internal worlds, a novel about the healing power of stories and, most of all, about the healing power of speaking of love.

Joanna Lumley described it as: ‘Terrifyingly gripping and quite beautifully written and constructed.’ And the Daily Mail said it was: ‘Suffused with a love of storytelling and a warmth that makes it a pleasure to read’.

Here’s where you’ll find out more about SPEAKING of LOVE, if you’d like to. And here, if you miss these free days, is where you’ll find a competition to win a free copy, until 18 December.

And the thing I’d love to have made this month is NOPI. It looks beautiful; everything tastes beautiful; even the staff are beautiful. The prices are those bonkers London restaurant prices, but then what price beauty?

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I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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