I have been Normed


It is a wonderful thing that normblog does, this norming thing of a Friday. The similarities and the differences between, for instance, why a person would tell a lie (often to save a life) and which songs and poems people love – when they can only choose one – make interesting and sometimes hilarious reading. You can find all the bloggers norm has normed here – and Norm himself has been blogging about all kinds of things since before 2003, can you believe it?

He has normed himself here; he has normed Geoffrey Chaucer (hilarious) here; and he has normed the three bloggers who I named as my favourite three: here, here and here. He’s even normed Saddam Hussein here (probably funnier when he was alive, but still I giggled).

Thank you Norm for making blogging such a linked and sometimes hilariously unexpected experience.

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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2 Responses to I have been Normed

  1. verbivore says:

    This is wonderful – thank you for pointing it out. I read yours and really enjoyed (I might put Nadine Gordimer against your Doris Lessing for the prime minister electoral contest of the century) and now I’m off to read some more!

  2. StuckInABook says:

    Oo, congrats! Sorry I saw this a few days late. Fun, isn’t it?

    And thank you for mentioning me in your best blogging experience! Since you were responsible for mine, it’s nice and reciprocal. Ah, I do love blogs…