Need cheering up?

I have just been to The Big Green Blookshop blog – which I found on Fidra’s blog. I’ve been MATing all morning and I really MUST get down to some writing, but if you need cheering up (I don’t this morning, but it happened anyway, if you see what I mean) read this post by one of the owners’ sons. It’s heaven.

The Big Green Bookshop blog has also got a wonderful song called ‘Keep on Smiling’ on it which bursts from the blog when you log on … or soon after, and it really does make you smile. So I defy anyone out there with the blues today not to have them changed to whatever the opposite of the blues are. The reds? The rainbows?

And may the Big Green Bookshop open soon. If they can run a blog like this at a time like the one they’re going through, then we can all find something to smile about when we’re blue.

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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One Response to Need cheering up?

  1. StuckInABook says:

    Thank you for that link, Angela – brilliant! I didn’t really need cheering up, but it’s made my day even better.