Not posting, but writing

I’m working on my second novel so I won’t be posting for a while (not even to MAT).

I don’t know how long a while is, and I won’t know until I get there, but the SOED says:

A period of time, considered with respect to its duration.

and, a little less obliquely:

The time spent (connoting trouble, effort or work) in doing something.

So that’s what I’ll be doing (not, please note, whiling away the time which implies that nothing will have been achieved by the time the whiling ends). And that’s why I won’t be posting for some while.

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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6 Responses to Not posting, but writing

  1. Elaine says:

    Angela – I look forward to reading your new book when it is published. That sounds like a hint but it wasnt, honest. I just wanted to say I look forward to reading it!!

  2. BooksPlease says:

    I hope your book’s going well.

  3. Angela Young says:

    Thanks so much, Margaret. It is going well, although some days are better than others, but that’s quite normal.

    The idea is that I will have a draft by the end of May to give to my agent. I hope my characters and I make it.

  4. Cornflower says:

    How are you doing, Angela? Hope it’s all going well.
    (Just spotted The Cunning Man on your ‘these I have loved list’ – it’s on my TBR pile, and I’m greatly looking forward to reading it).

  5. Angela Young says:

    Thank you so much for asking, Cornflower.

    I finished the rough first draft on Sunday 10 May. My back felt as hard as a board but my heart was singing. (And your question could hardly have been closer to the date!)

    Now I am redrafting. I have promised my agent a not-too-rough draft by mid-July but I am hoping that I shall get it to her sooner than that. Then she will comment and I will redraft. Then she will – we hope – sell it and I shall redraft once more with the person who becomes the book’s editor.

    The idea is to publish in the autumn of 2011, in time for Christmas presents for the 100th anniversary of the fateful day when the Titanic sank, in April 2012.

    And I love Robertson Davies. His work is the work of a magician, I think. Although I have to say that it’s a long time since I read The Cunning Man and I can’t remember all that much of it. But I think that’s why I write … because my memory for detail is not good, so I write to recreate … if that makes sense.

  6. Leigh Russell says:

    Well done, Angela. I've been lucky to sign a three book deal, so although my first book has now launched, I have the second one to work on. The only problem is, I'm so busy with promotional events for Book 1 (Cut Short) that I hardly have time to work on Book 2 (Road Closed) which is due out in 2010. And, as you know, it takes a while to produce a book. I'd love to hear what you think of Cut Short.