Orchids for Simon

I am overwhelmed.

This orchid is for Simon at Stuck in a Book for his overwhelming review of Speaking of Love. See The word on … at the top on the right.

Orchids, according to Clare Florists’ flower meanings are flowers of magnificence and, although I’m not at all sure what the thanking-for-a-blog-book-review etiquette is, it would surely be rude not to thank Simon, publicly, for such a magnificent review, wouldn’t it? So thank you, Simon.

It is also the most wonderful MAT yet … I read the review early this morning, fell over, read it again, posted a thank-you comment on Simon’s blog for it, failed to do my exercises, haven’t even had a bath yet, and am sitting here in my PJs writing this before I do any of the above, let alone before I get down to writing for the day.

But there is a serious point to make, too. Speaking of Love is published by the wonderful, independent Beautiful Books and, as dovegreyreader says in this post ‘small publishers work with limited funds’ and so, if the literary review pages don’t review the books the small publishers publish (and send out in their hundreds to them for review) – and they didn’t review Speaking of Love – the bookshops won’t stock their books. And if the bookshops don’t stock the indie publishers’ books how do the indies sell their books, when they can’t afford to buy the space in the big-chain bookshops’ windows? And it’s almost impossible to get a review in the literary review pages if the writer and the publisher are unknown. So how does an indie publisher become better known if the literary review pages ignore them? See my post here on this Catch-22 situation-situation.

However, I think I have discovered a secret weapon. This Sunday, 19 August, I’m going to Mostly Books in Abingdon to take Mark Thornton’s one-day course for writers on how to sell your book into indie bookshops. I heard him talk at the Society of Authors on 25 July (see my post here for more). And I will post about his course and my success, or failure – which I’m sure will be because of my incompetence, not his advice – when I am armed with the secrets of (t)his secret weapon.

In dovegreyreader’s post about all this she says that she thinks the ‘Indies should just band together and set up their own review magazine’. I heartly endorse that and enthusiastically forwarded her post to Beautiful Books, and suggested they go and hear her at the Publisher’s Publicity Circle lunch at Foyle’s on 30 August: see here.

But in the meantime, here are more orchids for Simon,

for giving Speaking of Love a helping hand on its way out into the world.

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I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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One Response to Orchids for Simon

  1. StuckInABook says:

    Thank you so much for my orchids, Angela! I have no idea about the etiquette of these things, but I was certainly delighted to get your comment on my review – if only to show that I hopefully didn’t completely misunderstand Speaking of Love! Plus, more thanks are due to you, for enabling me to have such a wonderful reading experience. I do hope some of the people who read my blog will buy the novel and get the same experience.