Rewrites and primroses

I’ve just delivered the rewritten manuscript of my second novel, WRITTEN in WATER (as it is now called) to my agent. Wish it luck, please.

I’ve written about the novel before, here, but it was a while ago (writing a novel is like climbing a mountain, you keep reaching a summit which, you discover, has another summit hidden behind it). And here as well, when it didn’t have a good enough title, among other things. And here, if you really want to read any more or go back that far.
And primroses … :
because they thread their way through the novel and so, even though they are outwith the season, as one of the characters says in the novel, this photograph, which came from here (thank you) is to wish my manuscript luck when it lands on the publisher’s desk, and because I hope the primroses will bring me luck too, and show me that this summit really is the summit (for this novel).

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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4 Responses to Rewrites and primroses

  1. Cornflower says:

    Good luck, Angela!

  2. BookPlease says:

    And good luck from me too!

  3. Angela Young says:

    Thank you both so very much for continuing to visit my (very unblogged in recent months) blog … and for your continuing good wishes for my next novel.

    I will post the good news when it comes.

  4. kate says:

    I seem to have put my comments to this post on another post – but again: Congratulations! I knew you'd sitck at it until it was right – and all good luck with the next step –