Scared to Say I Love You this Valentine’s Day? Fabularium and Random Acts of Kindness Week

If the very idea of saying I love you this Valentine’s Day scares you to death, may I suggest a remedy: ask yourself why you’re with (or want to be with) the one you love and then make a list of your reasons.

I know, it sounds far too practical to be romantic (and probably quite daunting) but it works because if you know why you’re with the one you love you also know why you love him or her, and then you can say the words without any hidden freight, without sounding as if you want something in return/expect a proposal/add-what-you-will.

Paul McCartney admitted he was scared to say I love you to Nancy Shevell in an interview with John Wilson for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row because:

It’s such a loaded statement. It brings with it everything. You can’t say it just casually … so you’re waiting for your moment and it never comes.

But if you know why you’re saying I love you the loaded nature of the words falls away and you can say them with a clear conscience: nothing’s hidden; the statement isn’t loaded with expectation or fear; there’s no freight; it’s just a clear I love you.

Good luck.

And the thing I’d love to have dreamed up and made this month, in a parallel universe where all things are possible is the Crick Crack Club‘s FABULARIUM.

The Fabularium

The Fabularium will be a wild haven of fairytale, myth and epic – a place of pure performance, playfulness, and utter enchantment.

A portable yurt for storytellers, soon to be made. What could possibly be better?

PS This is the end of International Random Acts of Kindness Week : for today, Valentine’s Day, No 3 on their list is very appropriate, but they’re all lovely and No 1 is heaven: Just smile at one extra person … . #RAKweek for your tweets.

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I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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