Six Random Things …

… I was tagged by A Work in Progress at the beginning of May (yes, that’s the beginning of May) to do this meme which I’ve only just seen. My excuse is (and it’s a good one) that I’ve been head-down in planning (yes, that is planning) my second novel so I haven’t been reading many blogs or writing much on this blog.

That’ll be the case for some time to come … but for a bit of light relief from planning, here are six random things about me:

1 I write fiction. It is the thing I’ve always wanted to do and now that I’m doing it – even if it’s going horribly wrong – I’m a much nicer person than I was when I desperately wanted to write and couldn’t find the courage to begin. (The thing about writing that isn’t talked about much is that you need a job that both pays you enough to live on and gives you enough time to write. I edit and proofread freelance and it more or less works.)

2 I love blue … once upon sometime ago, when I was the Economist‘s first personnel manager, I had a blue office, even though the corporate colour was, and still is, red. I learned to edit and proofread at the Economist, thank you Economist.

3 I love How to Eat by Nigella Lawson (and, of course, Nigella Express). The thing is she’s a wonderful cook AND a wonderful writer which is an irresistible combination.

4 I used to be jealous of the successes of other writers, but now that I know how long it takes to write a novel and how difficult it can be to get a novel out into the world, I find myself not only free of all jealousy, but full of admiration for other writers. There’s a wonderful freedom in that.

5 My grandmother once told me that my handwriting is ‘quite beautiful and utterly illegible’. (Interesting, for a writer, don’t you think?)

6 I have fallen in love late in life and that is a gift beyond description (or expectation).

Here are the rules for this meme:
Link to the person who tagged you
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Write the six random things
Tag six people in your post
Let the tagees know they’ve been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog
Let the tagger know your entry is posted

I haven’t tagged anyone … but if you’d like to do this meme do let me know that you’ve done it because I’d love to read your six random things.

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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5 Responses to Six Random Things …

  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks for answering the meme questions! It would have helped if I would have actually let you know I tagged you. I’m usually lazy about that, which is why I tend not to tag anyone and leave it open to whoever is interested. That’s impressive you worked for the Economist. I bet they’re sticklers there for good editing. Do we get any hints about what your new book is going to be about?

  2. Angela Young says:

    It might have helped if you’d let me know you’d tagged me Danielle … but then again I’ve been so head down I might not have got around to doing the meme until now anyway!

    A hint about the new novel is: love in late life. That is the heart of the novel, a heart which I’ve been stumbling around looking for and only found in early July in Ireland.

  3. Danielle says:

    ….That sounds very promising….! 🙂 And I’m a lazy tagger, but next time I tag you, I promise to give a heads up.

  4. sheri says:

    I can completely relate to your #1 response. I get utterly grumpy and ill tempered when I don’t write for a while. I suppose it is my soul telling me to get on track.

  5. Angela Young says:

    Looking forward to the next heads up Danielle, and thanks, Sheri, for your Friday quotes last week, and for posting about your similar grumpy and ill tempered feelings when you haven’t written for a while. I think you’re right about the soul.