Spread the Word

Speaking of Love has been shortlisted for World Book Day’s The Book to Talk About award. It’s very exciting … .

You can see the ten books on the shortlist here; you can comment on and vote for the ten books on the shortlist here or you can go straight to Speaking of Love’s very own page on the Spread the Word site here to vote and comment.
Please do vote, please do comment, please do spread the word … .

About Angela

I write fiction about the difficulty we have when we try to say what's in our hearts.
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3 Responses to Spread the Word

  1. Simon Key says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. BooksPlease says:

    Congratulations and best of luck!

  3. Angela Young says:

    Thank you both for your congratulations. It looks as if the shortlisting has already begun to spread the word for all the books on the list, which is wonderful and exactly the point.