The Launch of The Dance of Love, History of the Rain, and Emily Young’s Kew Gardens angel video


The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love

was launched at the wonderful Barnes Bookshop last Thursday: I wrote about on Robert Hale’s blog – the book’s publishers – here. It was a happy family affair: my whole family was there: my two younger sisters smuggled my American sister into the country for it which was a wonderful; the family of people without whom no book makes its journey out into the world were there, and the family of readers without whom no book can ever transfer itself from the writer’s to the reader’s imagination were there. A happy day, all 50 copies sold and may that augur well for the book’s future.

I hate the Man Booker Judges’ decision not to include Niall Williams glorious History of the Rain on its shortlist.
Media of History of the Rain

But it’s such a spellbinding book that – despite the judges’ decision – it will continue to spellbind readers with its lyrical poetic language and poignant uplifting story. It will be read and read and read and … as I tweeted before the shortlist was announced: may it reign and reign and reign.

And the thing I would love to have made this month, in a parallel universe where time is infinite and nothing is impossible, is Emily Young’s Wounded Angel who has lived in a secluded spot in Kew Gardens since 2005. I wrote about him, and Emily, before, here. But how could I not write about him again: he is so very beautiful, poignant and touching.

sculpture copyright Emily Young, photograph copyright Angelo Plantamura

You can see a video of him on Emily’s website, here.

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2 Responses to The Launch of The Dance of Love, History of the Rain, and Emily Young’s Kew Gardens angel video

  1. Juxtabook says:

    I’m so glad the wonderful Dance of Love had a great opening party. How lovely so many of family were there. How lovely too that an independent bookshop had such a good night of sales. I’m delighted for all concerned!

  2. Angela Young says:

    Thank you so much Catherine. And the very very best with the launch of your new website.