The Man Booker prize

And so it’s:

Anne Enright for The Gathering.

Congratulations to her and her book.

I heard on the radio (four) news last night (have you noticed that they say ‘BBC News for Radio Four’ now instead of the old ‘BBC Radio Four News’? I wonder why the strange, minute, change?). Anyway, as I was saying, I heard on the radio (four) news last night that so far The Gathering has only sold 3,000 copies … but literary fiction sales are notoriously low. Why? For some reactions to the win, and the present sales figures of all the books on the shortlist, see Shane Hegarty’s blog for the Irish Times.

Last night’s award will make an impact on the sales figures for The Gathering, goodie goodie, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Sad about Mister Pip though, because it’s wonderful, but it won The Commonwealth Writer’s Prize and so it’s well on its way out into the world already.

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