Angela Young

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Thank you for coming to my website, it’s lovely that you’re here.

The pages that follow will tell you about the books I’ve written or that I’m in the process of writing, and in my monthly column I blog about what I’m writing, reading or thinking and what other people have written or thought, painted, made or designed: things I would love to have made, in a parallel universe where time is infinite and all things are possible.

HAPPY NEWS: SPEAKING of LOVE has been reissued as an ebook. Click here, or on the image to the right to find it. And THE DANCE of LOVE is now published.

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The DANCE of LOVE: ‘Outstanding … I loved it so much. At times I could hardly see the pages through my tears – and there have not been many books that have that effect on me.’



SPEAKING of LOVE: ‘Utterly and terrifyingly gripping … quite beautifully written and constructed … a completely authentic glimpse of a mind disintegrating and being redeemed  … I can’t praise it highly enough.’




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