The Dance of Love – Reviews

‘Bold, truthful and emotionally engaging.’
Bookshelf at The Richmond/Barnes Magazines

‘Outstanding … I loved it so much. At times I could hardly see the pages through my tears – and there have not been many books that have that effect on me.’ BooksPlease

‘A wonderfully engaging and moving novel of love, duty, misunderstandings and reconciliations … lovers of Austen will find much to admire here … an exceptional storytelling talent.’ Shiny New Books

‘A truly charming story, beautifully told.’ Juxtabook
(also at Buried River Press: Robert Hale)

‘An exquisitely told tale of love, duty, honour and desire.’
Fiction is Stranger than Fact

‘Slowly and subtly reeled in until I was completely consumed and there was no way on Earth I could possibly put this book down! And … there are few books that can make me well up [but this one did].’ Storm Drummey on Goodreads

And Tristan Gooley, the Natural Navigator and best-selling author of books about how to find out where we are without signposts, has posted a piece about the short course he ran for me on celestial navigation as part of my research for THE DANCE of LOVE. His passion and clarity made learning about the stars an absolute delight, thank you, Tristan.

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