Dare Always Dare, and Guerilla Grafters

A friend pointed out to me a week or so ago that this: DARE ALWAYS DARE is written in neon above the foyer entrance to the Old Vic Theatre (no idea why I’d never noticed it before):

And so we should, if only we could, all the time. But I think it’s good enough to DARE SOMETIMES DARE. (Think how exhausting it would be if we dared all the time … .) It was  the founder of the Old Vic, Lilian Bayliss‘s favourite anthem.

And the thing I’d love to have invented, in a parallel universe where time is infinite and all things are possible, is guerilla grafting : slide 4

A group of innovative San Franciscans are grafting fruit-bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental fruit trees without official permission. There are many fruit trees in San Francisco, and all the world’s cities, but councils often don’t like fruit-bearing trees because the fruit, they say, falls onto pavements and makes a mess that has to be cleared up! But San Francisco’s Guerilla Grafters want free food for San Franciscans and the beauty of their technique is that it’ll be some time before the grafts take and the trees bear fruit and – in the meantime – it’s very difficult for any cruising civic authority to see them! Hurrah for the Guerilla Grafters.

Happy Christmas and 2017.

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