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Thursday last …

… on Thursday last I gave my second novel, whose working title is Hope Remains, to my agent. And now I feel oddly bereft. I have become so used to spending my days immersed in the sadnesses and joys of … Continue reading

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In the blink of an eye

Jean-Dominique Bauby (Jean-Do to his friends) wrote a whole book, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, by the arduous process of one blink for each letter. In French it’s called La Scaphandre et le Papillon. (I tried to upload a … Continue reading

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A friend of mine, a wonderful artist who works in all kinds of media (mediums?) told me about the Jerwood Moving image award winners. I highly recommend Johnny Kelly’s (which is called PROCRASTINATION). It’ll take you about 5 minutes to … Continue reading

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Monet and painting, MATing and writing

Today MATing translates as ‘writing this before I begin to stare through the window’. Sometimes it takes much staring before I can write. This story knows what I mean: One day Monet was sitting on the bench in his garden … Continue reading

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Need cheering up?

I have just been to The Big Green Blookshop blog – which I found on Fidra’s blog. I’ve been MATing all morning and I really MUST get down to some writing, but if you need cheering up (I don’t this … Continue reading

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