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The rewrite, continued …

For various reasons (life in all its glorious unpredictability, mostly) I find myself re-rewriting my second novel. It’s not an unusual state, after all, all writing is rewriting (finally found the man who said it): Writing is rewriting. A writer … Continue reading

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Thursday last …

… on Thursday last I gave my second novel, whose working title is Hope Remains, to my agent. And now I feel oddly bereft. I have become so used to spending my days immersed in the sadnesses and joys of … Continue reading

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Not posting, but writing

I’m working on my second novel so I won’t be posting for a while (not even to MAT). I don’t know how long a while is, and I won’t know until I get there, but the SOED says: A period … Continue reading

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Builders and fishermen, a MAT with a purpose

I am MATing, but there is a point. (Well, I would say that wouldn’t I?) Last night the boyf and I were talking about writing and I said I felt as if I was assembling, not writing at the moment. … Continue reading

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